Original NOLIN Wool Beanie
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN
Original NOLIN Wool Beanie - NOLIN

Original NOLIN Wool Beanie

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The product of two years of design and testing, the Original NOLIN is all about performance, function and comfort. Made with over 1/4 pound of 100% extra fine American Merino Wool, this is the undisputed heavyweight champion of hats.  

No itch, no frills. 

Designed in Missoula, Montana

Made in Colorado

Lifetime Guarantee.

NOTE: COVID-19 has slowed us down but thankfully we still have inventory. While your order may take a bit longer, everything is currently in stock! 


Check out the 'Beanie Anatomy' link to learn more about the story behind the design.

100% Extra Fine American Merino Wool beanie.

Organic, GOTS-Certified Dyes* 

Born, Designed, Spun, Dyed and Knit in the USA. 

Most importantly, 1 for 1 beanie donation program.


*The Natural is undyed




The Original NOLIN

We spent over a year and a half researching, designing, and engineering our Original Nolin Beanie.  Here's what we came up with:

A. Full cardigan stitch for extra flex and maximum warmth and breathability.
B. Extra fine, 100% American Merino Wool for comfort and yarn quality.
C. More ends per stitch. We pack maximum yarn ends into our knitting pattern for superior durability, warmth and minimized wind permeability.
D. Heavy gauge 1x1 ribbing for durability, strength and warmth (notice a pattern here?).
E. Organic, GOTS-certified dyes and dying process so you can feel good about what’s on your head.
F. Plenty of cuff length for ear coverage when you need it.

man holding beanie revealing inside

Why does most wool itch, and ours doesn't?

Our American Merino wool is some of the finest domestic wool produced.  Less than 5% of all wool produced in the US meets the criteria for the wool we use in our hats.  It took almost two years of research and traveling around the western US to find the sweet spot of quality, consistency and availability.  Our wool wears the way wool should- cozy, itch-free and gets more comfortable the more you wear it. 

Wool fibers are not smooth- they have scales.  These scales are like little barbs running up and down each wool fiber strand.  Wool fiber diameter is measured in microns and lower quality and mass-produced wool tends to be larger in diameter, which in turn means larger scales and a higher micron number.  These scales are what you feel when wool ‘itches’.  They are literally scratching your skin.  The wool we use has some of the smallest micron size you can find in domestic wool.  When you reduce the fiber diameter to an ‘extra fine’ micron size, you lose the itch because the scales become so tiny, they are no longer abrasive.  This is why our hats don’t itch.




Care Info:

As a natural fiber, wool is one of nature’s miracle materials. To avoid harmful chemical treatments, we do not superwash our wool. With proper care, our hats will last a lifetime.  Please note some basic care instructions: 

  • Gentle hand wash only with cold water
  • Lay flat to dry

Natural Wool is a multi-generational material and can be repurposed or upcycled into any number of useful items down the road.  


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