There’s a Difference.

    • Full cardigan stitch for flex, maximum warmth and breathability. 
    • Extra fine, 100% American Merino Wool for comfort and yarn quality. 
    • More yarn ends in our knitting pattern means superior durability, warmth and minimized wind permeability. 
    • Heavy gauge 1x1 ribbing.
    • Organic dyes.
    • 100% domestically sourced everything. 

     Our American Merino wool is some of the finest domestic wool produced.  Less than 5% of all wool produced in the US meets the criteria for the wool we use in our hats.  It took almost two years of research and traveling around the western US to find the sweet spot of quality, consistency and availability.  Our wool wears the way wool should- cozy, itch-free and breaks-in with wear like a good shoe.

    Small fiber diameter = lose the itch.